At long last, the visual update that I’d been dreaming of since November! That new-layout branch of this repo had been neglected almost since the day I first created it. But I’ve been very motivated to code recently, and while the interactive tiles with the code snippets were (very) cool, that leaves less space for the actual content. So with a heavy heart I let go of the tiles, and instead went for a tamer design. Of course, I still kept some of the hover animations, they’re too fun to get rid of.

While the blog underwent a complete physical overhaul, I also plan to change the format a little bit for future entries. Instead of limiting myself to a short(ish?) blurb for each entry, I’ll replace the blurb with a summary instead, and then link to a more in-depth explanation, and just move the demo links into the summary and/or in-depth sections. With my previous Zombit Monitoring post, I found that I quite enjoy typing up my thought process as I approach a problem, and plus, when I look back on these silly things in twenty years, I won’t be baffled by my uncommented code and horrible practices. If I can find the time I’ll even go back to my previous posts and rewrite them to fit the blog’s format.